OSHEE vitamin water detox

Weight:555 ml
Using:The package 555 ml includes 2 suggested portions of 277,5 ml of the product.
Country of origin:Poland
Where to buy:Albert

OSHEE vitamin water does not contain any preservatives or artificial colorants. It is an innovative product combining the latest technologies. OSHEE has a unique composition of vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the body. The product has an ergonomic packaging of 550 ml.

Vitamin water responds to the rapidly growing trend of active food supplements. It is a product for active people who lead not only a healthy way of life, but also supports the idea of responsible food and drink consumption.

Drinking enough water is a trend of modern life. It is more interesting and easier with OSHEE vitamin water. Try the unforgettable flavours of healthy vitamin water OSHEE. 


  • Innovative product containing vitamins and minerals.
  • Great taste.
  • Without preservatives and colorants.