The story of brand Royal begins in the last century in Kavala, one of the most beautiful Greek cities. Alexios Tsatsoulis born in Epirus, northwestern Greece, decided to settle here and change his hobby (his passion for good food) to a source of the income for his family. He used the recipes from his homeland and the generations-old art of naturally preserving fresh vegetables all year round for it.

Nowadays, that small industry has evolved into one of the largest industries in the country, with two modern factories, dozens of recipes, and products exported around the world.

„Royal Mediterranean” as the company is named today, is the guarantee for top quality food and food safety.

What has not changed and never will, is the careful vegetables selection, the use of top materials, management continuity, a dedicated, experienced staff and continuous investments in new equipment, consistent application of all international quality and safety management standards and the commitment to delicious food.

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