Primo Gusto

Melissa Primo Gusto company emphasizes the quality and an authentic Mediterranean taste. For generations now, Melissa Primo Gusto is known and recognized for the high-quality products. Thanks to cooperation with the best Italian and Greek farmers, Melissa Primo Gusto is able to share a true Mediterranean experience with the customers on a daily basis.

Pasta Primo Gusto is made from 100% semolina which has been obtained from carefully selected grains of durum wheat (lat. Triticum durum), in order to give the highest quality products. In contrast to ordinary wheat, durum wheat has a hard, glassy grain and an amber-yellow endosperm which results in the “al dente” structure of the pasta and gives the pasta its wonderful golden color. Pasta produced from durum wheat is additionally rich in the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the effective functioning of the body.

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