Petračkovy hořické trubičky

Petráček family, as well as other families in Hořicko, prepared homemade wafer rolls for several generations. In 1992, Josef and Marcela Petráček sold their first wafer roll. Through patient and hard work, they gradually expanded their production capacity. The assortment has also expanded since then. You can try the classic or filled wafer rolls in family and pocket packaging. The family atmosphere and the team spirit that has been created from the start, adorn the company all the time. The company stands out for its overall reliability and above all for the high quality of its tubes, which results from the care Petráček family pays to choice of raw materials and the production process itself. Petráček family, however, has their own recipe which is improved by years of experience.

The careful manual work has always been an important part of the production of wafer rolls from Hořice. Wafer rolls must be turned manually on a hot plate - machine production is not allowed. Wrapping the wafers into the roll thus requires special skill.

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