MELISSA KIKIZAS S.A. was established in 1947 by Alexandros Kikizas with the idea of transforming the food industry through the production of high-quality products from authentic, Greek raw materials. Since then, the company’s mission has flourished rapidly for more than sixty years, with the aim of satisfying the dietary needs of its consumers by consistently providing high-quality products.

The production of pasta and semolina from durum wheat is the essential feature of the company.  Every year, more than 100,000 tonnes of excellent quality durum wheat is processed. The production facility in Larissa (Thessalia region) is characterised by its vertically integrated production which forms a connection between the crops, mill and production line. It produces more than 50,000 tonnes of pasta per year which makes it the largest facility in the Balkans and one of the 10 biggest in Europe!

MELISSA KIKIZAS is now run by the third generation of the Kikizas family. It has become one of the most important food companies in Greece and has a significant share of exports to more than thirty-five countries across the world. 

Excellent Quality

The constant investment in new technologies and in latest technical equipment, the strict controls and the wheat of the Thessaly valley as its raw material, contribute in attaining the excellent quality of Melissa pasta.

Distribution and variety

Melissa pasta can be found in every corner of Greece from large super-markets to small grocery stores in remote regions of the country. It offers a wide variety and provides the consumer with a number of choices. Long macaroni, thick pasta, slim pasta, which are ideal for soups, and, of course, our beloved Melissa pearl barley for giouvetsi; cannelloni, vermicelli, noodles, tagliatelle as well as wheat and durum wheat semolina for the desserts, and many other kinds. 

Melissa Pasta

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